Micro-puzzles in a tube

This puzzle features offset printing on blue cardboard measuring 1.5 mm thick. It is of high quality and is delivered ready to build in a clear tube with a metal lid that includes the customer's laser-marked image. The tube has a printed photo guide inside.

This is a very original product that is especially used as a promotional gift and souvenir in museums, tourism offices, interpretation centres, etc.

We also manufacture optional custom displays for orders of 500 units or more. The display can hold up to 25 units.

Puzzle details:
  • Not put together.
  • Inside a clear tube.
Puzzle customisation:
  • Puzzle image.
  • Printed photo guide in the tube.
  • Metal, laser-marked top.
  • Optional: custom display.

Manufacturing Times


The STANDARD manufacturing time for this type of puzzle is around 3 weeks.


The URGENT manufacturing time for this type of puzzle is around 2 weeks.

Minimum quantities

The minimum production quantity for this type of puzzle is 100 units, although for the best price we recommend a minimum of 500 or 1,000 units.