Types of promotional puzzles

Solopuzzles® is a guarantee of quality. We have been manufacturing promotional puzzles for brands both big and small for 15 years.

Our puzzle dies are unparalleled on the market.
Proven print quality.
Excellent service.

Having different production lines allows us to manufacture 50 units or more depending on our customers' needs.

Our urgent manufacturing lines with digital printing allow us to make deliveries in as soon as 24 hours.

Our puzzle dies, which are like none other on the market, are designed to meet all needs, with more than 50 different puzzle models: for children, for adults, for puzzle-junkies, with a frame, with a stand, large-piece puzzles, for puzzle connoisseurs, etc.

Tell us about your project.

Aim, intended recipient or target audience, timeline, budget, etc. We adapt to your needs.

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We have vast experience working with big small brands.